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    About Alpacas

    Alpacas are Beautiful, gentle and intelligent members of the Camelid family. Importation of Alpacas from south America began in the 1980's and the US and Canadian registries were closed in 2000. Alpacas are small and easy to handle standing between 30-36 inches at the withers(base of neck) and typically weigh between 100 and 150 pounds. They live for about 20 years. Alpacas produce a fine soft fibre that comes in around 22 natural colours. The fibre is hollow and smooth giving it excellent thermal properties.

    Why Alpaca Products?

    Alpaca products are water and sweat wicking 

    Hypoallergenic- it will not irritate your skin as wool products generally do

    Very warm- It is said that Alpaca products are six times warmer than wool 

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